Player at FC Puissant Barrole (LFA Première Division Football, Libéria )

The months spent at CFCP-IDF are among the best of my life. Being surrounded by elite players of my age has definitely helped my progress as a footballer. So much so that today I am international for my country. Without this time spent at CFCP-IDF, I would not have believed it possible. The coaches have allowed me to improve tremendously and have always pushed me beyond my limits by training with older, stronger and more experienced players. From my own perspective, the players were welcoming and I made lifelong friendships by combining school and training day after day. The experience at CFCP-IDF gave me a taste of what life was like as a professional footballer who trains twice a day, all year round. It motivated me to work hard for the years to come. Life at the training center is difficult but also very pleasant. Balancing training, homework and daily life, surrounded by friends, is not easy but it has helped me to evolve as a footballer and especially as a person..”



Pro player at BCFC-DM (Elite One LFPC Cameroun)

I spent unforgettable years at CFCP-IDF, my training club, which taught me how to behave as a man and a player. I always remember the coaches and educators saying: you are asked to be as professional and demanding as possible to take each of you to the highest level possible. This is exactly what they did with specific and individualized work. I think modern football requires players to be sharper, to have qualities that others do not have. If each individual is stronger than the collective will inevitably be stronger as well. The philosophy of CFCP-IDF is exactly that. The stars who have been trained by the club are the best proof of this. I want to thank all the coaches and educators I have had, who have always helped me in difficult times. Every time I go back to the club I feel welcomed as part of the family, it touches me a lot. If today I can enjoy football and have the life I have, it is thanks to them.”